Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Cuban Traitor 3


A spy narrative of betrayal

Members of PR-2 (Partido Revolucionario 2) Lieutenant (later Captain) Jose 'Pepe' Cohen Valdes of the M-VI Directorate (Science and Technology), Bill Gaede (Process Engineer AMD, Intel Corp), Lieutenant Rolando 'Roly' Sarraff Trujillo of the M-XV Directorate (Wiretapping/Surveillance), and Pepe's wife, Captain Lazara Brito Gonzalez of the M-XI and later M-VIII Directorates (Cryptography/ Cryptoanalysis).

In this third episode we establish that Pepe Cohen was working under orders of the Interior Ministry when he feigned the role of counter-revolutionary in front of Fidel's cameras and recorders. Pepe confessed his philosophical change of heart in a room at the Riviera Hotel in January of 1992. However, in a televised interview in 2008, both Pepe and Jorge Luis Vazquez, a Cuban researcher of dealings between Cuba and East Germany, disclose that the East German Secret Service (Stasi) bugged many hotels in Havana as early as 1984 at the request of obsessed Minister of the Interior Ramiro Valdes who "suspected of everything and everyone".

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