Sunday, January 4, 2015


The Cuban Traitor 2


A spy narrative of betrayal

Members of PR-2 (Partido Revolucionario 2) Lieutenant (later Captain) Jose 'Pepe' Cohen Valdes of the M-VI Directorate (Science and Technology), Bill Gaede (Process Engineer AMD, Intel Corp), Lieutenant Rolando 'Roly' Sarraff Trujillo of the M-XV Directorate (Wiretapping/Surveillance), and Pepe's wife, Captain Lazara Brito Gonzalez of the M-XI and later M-VIII Directorates (Cryptography/ Cryptoanalysis).

In the first episode we established that Pepe Cohen did not deliver information to the CIA since 1990 as he said on TV, but rather since June 1992. In this episode, FBI agents testify that the information that Pepe sent is not credible. They conclude that Fidel Castro is setting a trap to ensnare CIA agents while they attempt to extract Pepe, Lazara and Roly from the island.

There is an additional, objective way to establish that PR-2 was not credible. Pursuant to his own declarations on TV, Pepe escaped from the island on a raft in August of 1994. The CIA had a contingency plan to extract him, for instance through the Guantanamo Base, because the agency believed that Pepe could be useful once he was out. However, the agents never implemented the plan because they believed at all times that this was a trap set up by Fidel Castro .

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