Sunday, January 4, 2015


The Cuban Traitor 1


A spy narrative of betrayal

Members of PR-2 (Partido Revolucionario 2) Lieutenant (later Captain) Jose 'Pepe' Cohen Valdes of the M-VI Directorate (Science and Technology), Bill Gaede (Process Engineer AMD, Intel Corp), Lieutenant Rolando 'Roly' Sarraff Trujillo of the M-XV Directorate (Wiretapping/Surveillance), and Pepe's wife, Captain Lazara Brito Gonzalez of the M-XI and later M-VIII Directorates (Cryptography/ Cryptoanalysis).

Cuban intelligence officers Pepe Cohen, his wife, Captain Lazara Brito Gonzalez, and Lieutenant Rolando Sarraff Trujillo, working on behalf of the G2 Secret Service of the Interior Ministry of Cuba, set the trap that is eventually going to end up landing Roly in prison .

We begin the series by showing that Jose 'Pepe' Cohen did not provide information to the CIA since 1990 as he claims today. At best, he provided information to the U.S. Government since July 13, 1992, which is the date I first visited CIA headquarters in Langley, VA. I introduce as evidence Federal Code Rule 16 material introduced at trial (U.S. v Bill Gaede CR 20118 RMW, Northern District California, San Jose Division, 145 F3d 1342, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Supreme Court Case 98-8940, Bill Gaede v. U.S.): FBI Report September 2, 1992

Therefore, we establish that Pepe Cohen lies when he says that he spied for the CIA within Cuba for 4 or 5 years prior to escaping from the island on August 18, 1994. Unmasking this seemingly innocent fib will lead to the conclusion that Pepe Cohen, Rolando Sarraff, and Lazara Brito were double agents while on the island. Pepe became useful to the U.S. agencies only AFTER he came out.

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