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Letter Roly sent to the CIA March 10, 1993


Letter From RolandoSarraff Trujillo identifying himself to establish his bonafides with the CIA. My wife transcribed it and I translated it for FBI Special Agents James King and John Grant on March 30, 1993.

Written by Rolando Sarraff Trujillo (a.k.a. Carlos, Roman, Roly) on March 10, 1993.

Addressed to Bill Gaede

Dear brother,

What tremendous satisfaction to hear from both of you. It’s that both of you form part of our lives like the roots of a tree to its bit of earth. You cannot imagine the immense joy that the encounter with Nila meant for us. How many memories came to mind! How many desires to transmit our deepest sentiments and express to her our love and admiration that we feel for both of you and it’s because great men earn the right to the sentiments of others. Friend, if it is about virtue, don’t harbor the least doubt that for us the main thing is loyalty, but without subjugation, and if something consoles you, both of you are among the group of perrsons to whom we owe fealty, but not that which is given for mean-spirited ideas or opportunistic ambition, but rather for that which is granted for rights that were won, for your own merits.

Bill, we understand your state of mind, but think, friend, that there is no known grand enterprise in this world worth mentioning that wasn’t impregnated with difficulties. It must be that the great enterprises, for them to garner the popular admiration, must be accompanied by great sacrifices.

Brother, any psychological state is a human condition, even fear, and there are few men who manage to overcome it. Fortunately, all of us are within that select group, just to mention what both of you have done to feel pride in having known you. Bill, and if you have managed to overcome the most difficult things, you have to learn to control your impulses. Keep in mind that the task to which we have devoted our greatest energies, what must prevail above all is equanimity. It is not uncertainty that must take hold of us, but rather the mature worthiness of professionals that we are.

Don’t think that we are made of cold steel. After your calls, we went though harrowing moments, but we swore an oath of honor to maintain calm and, as you can see, your brothers are still alive.

On the other hand, we believe that you were too impulsive to escape from your home. You can be totally sure that the performance of our friends [CIA/FBI] with you is in response to an operational logic that is always applied in similar situations and circumstances. Over here we act in the same way, but with the difference that you have to respond to it in a dark interrogation room, What a difference, don’t you think so?
We are of the opinion that you must immediately reestablish personal communications with the brothers, because to do the contrary is to sow doubts. It’s not sufficient with the information we can supply that, aside from everything else, will be of the greatest value, since what drives us is a just cause.

It is also necessary that you demonstrate – and you certainly are overendowed for this –
the truth of our objectives and the purity of our acts.

Success depends on you and your person and the information we can supply, in other words, you put your face and we put the material. Without that unity there will be no success.

Finally, my friend, never doubt us because to have doubts of brothers is a thing of hell and your life is worth Paradise.

Your brother,


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